Speedo Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior - Simglasögon

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The Futura Biofuse Flexiseal technology found in the Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior goggles has evolved to now provide an even better fitting goggle with even greater levels of comfort thanks to the flexible seal around the eye. While the flexible material provides soft cushioning the rigid frame provides incredible stability so young swimmers enjoy perfect comfort - so good they could almost forget they're wearing goggles.  The large lenses also offer up an incredibly clear and wide field of view, ensuring that young swimmers can always see where they're headed. Lastly, thanks to the anti-fog coated lenses, with 100% UV protection, the goggles can be used both inside and out.

Speedo är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Wiggle.

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