Spank OOZY 345 Boost Hybrid Front Wheel - Framhjul

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This MTB front wheel features a tough alloy construction, which makes it perfect at withstanding all the knocks and bumps that come with blasting across the mountain at speed. Spank has also equipped this version with a corrugated rim center, which makes it more rigid as well as allowing it to be wider without adding extra material. This makes it perfect for multiple disciplines of MTB riding including E-MTB use, as it gives you fantastic strength and stability as you weave between the trails.   - High performance alloy hybrid front wheel for E-MTB, Trail and All Mountain use - Tubeless ready with anti-burp rim hooks to prevent the loss of pressure and keep tires firmly in place - The corrugated rim center adds exceptional strength, making it more rigid and allowing the rim to be wider without adding material - Shotpeen finish to increase fatigue life and make it more durable

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