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Sidi Women's Trace MTB Shoes - White/White - EU 38

Sidi Women's Trace MTB Shoes - White/White - EU 38

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The Women's Trace has been designed specifically for the female foot, and despite the fact it is Sidi's entry level MTB shoe, it's features are far from entry level. The upper is made of a super durable material called politex which is resistant to rips and tears, yet holds is shape and colour incredibly well. You're guaranteed to get more miles than you can imagine out of these. The Tecno 3 dial, paired with the Soft Instep 3 closure offers a great, custom fit for comfort mile after mile. The RS17 Sole is a nylon construction which means it's super light and offers a good blend of stiffness for riding, and flexibility for walking. Key Features: Upper - Politex Sole - MTB RS17 Sole Soft Instep 3 System Tecno 3 System Sidi Heel Cup Fit - Women's Specific

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