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Sidi Trace MTB Shoes - Black/Black - EU 40 - Black/Black

Sidi Trace MTB Shoes - Black/Black - EU 40 - Black/Black

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If you liked the Buvel, you will love the Trace. It has that classic Sidi aesthetic and is durable enough to take what the trails can throw at it. The upper is constructed using a material called politex which is super durable, resistant to fading and stretching and an environmentally friendly product. A set of two straps and a Tecno 3 closure allows for quick and easy adjustment on the go, with a great, customisable fit for comfort when riding all-day long. The nylon RS17 sole has been designed specifically for mountain bike riders so it offers the perfect combination of stiffness when pedalling, yet enough flexibility for when you need to walk. The sole has enough tread to offer a great grip, and the toe grip can be replaced if it becomes too worn. Alternatively, toe spikes can be screwed in for the inevitably muddy days at the trails. Key Features: Upper - Politex Sole - MTB RS17 Sole Soft Instep 3 System Tecno 3 System Sidi Heel Cup

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