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These E-MTB crank arms feature a rock-solid aluminium construction, which makes them more than capable of handling the increased speeds and intensity that's associated with electric mountain bikes. Shimano has also taken the design of these crank arms up a notch by equipping them with Hollowtech II technology. This means that you'll benefit from their fantastic strength to weight ratio as you weave between the MTB trails at speed. Technologies: Hollowtech II: Hollow forged crank arms. A lightweight crankset not only reduces the bike’s weight, but decreases rotating mass to aid in acceleration. The challenge is to reduce the weight of the crank without reducing its strength and rigidity. SHIMANO’s advanced forging technology has solved the problem through the HOLLOWTECH crank. Just like high quality frame tubing, a hollow crank arm can provide amazing strength and rigidity at very lightweight. Dynamic Chain Engagement: Ensures secure chain retention.

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