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Rotor RVOLVER Disc I.S Rear Shimano - 24H, TH 12 x 142mm

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Our RVOLVER® hubs are a lightweight yet durable hub technology. The innovative patent-pending floating clutch system disengages the ring from the pawls when you stop pedaling, but instantly re-engages to deliver a responsive power transfer once you resume pedaling. Employing our expertise in CNC aluminum manufacturing we saved precious weight by connecting the ratchet ring to the hub’s shell without threaded parts. All components are machine CNC’d from ultralight 7075 aluminum with fewer steel parts and a simplified internal design for ease of assembly and maintenance. Designed for 2-X installation on both sides. Specifications: Color: Black Bearing Type No Axle Version Front TH12x100 mm (conversion kit for TH15x100 included) / Rear TH12x142 mm Number of Spoke Holes: Front 24h Freehub Body Type: Shimano 10-11 sp Engagement Angle: 14.4º Flange Spoke Type: J-Bend Bearings Hubs: Rear 2x 6802 Brakes: Disc Disc Mount System: No Technologies: Alu7075, CNC, Intelligent Flange Design, Multi Compatibility Design, RVolver Discipline: Road

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