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The Inpower direct mount MTB crankset provides precise and comprehensive data to improve your pedal stroke performance. Whether you're competing, training or wanting to improve your riding, this stunning component provides all the tools you need to take your performance to the next level. This model measures your pedalling power in the left leg through two sets of opposing gauges in the axle for precise data metrics including power output, cadence, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness. Access real-time performance rich data including proprietary metrics Torque 360, Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) and a recommendation of your Optimal Chainring Position (OCP). Powered via standard AA battery, this state-of-the-art model lasts up to 300 hours and all of its electronics are housed inside a special sealed water-proof axle for centred rotational weight and maximum device protection. Its hidden powermeter technology is also protecting from rocks, logs and debris such as mud and dirt.  Easily connect to your smartphone or cycling device via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ and export your data for training analysis with various programmes such as  This is the perfect choice of the upgrade for taking your training sessions seriously while also improving your overall performance in downhill races and off-road competitions. Chainring not included.

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