Pro Volture E MTB CRMO Saddle - Sadlar

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Holding a short and wide shape to keep you poised for everything the mountain has to offer, this Nylon-shelled saddle is made with support and comfort in mind. The 'Tail Up' construction provides ample pressure-relief for your lumbar area while keeping your pelvis rotating efficiently for enhanced pedal performance.  Padded with a soft and supportive PU foam, the saddle does all it can to keep your sensitive areas free from stress and pain, as you take on day-long rides. CrMo rails add a confidence-boosting hold and feature laser-etched markings for optimum adjustability, making this E-MTB saddle a versatile choice for the venturesome rider.  

Pro är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Wiggle.

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