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Park Tool Shop Hammer HMR-8 - Hammare och klubbor

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Built to last, Park Tool has crafted a well balanced and great looking hammer in the Shop Hammer HMR-8, that will help you carry out essential work in your garage, workshop or anywhere else you need to use a bit of hand-generated force. Simply stored in your saddle bag for on-the-go work, or comfortably hung on your pegboard, the HMR-8 is constructed of a fibreglass body, leading to a precision machined, 8oz forged steel striking head.  With two striking faces - one 25mm steel end and one 32mm plastic, non-marring replaceable composite tip -  the HMR-8 gives you options depending on the part or component you are working on. Measuring 30.5cm in length it gives you plenty of hammer to play with while the soft-touch handle's optimum grip and comfort help make this hammer a must-have for any mechanic or amateur repair enthusiast.

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