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NS Bikes Enigma Rock & Roll MTB Wheelset - Hjulset

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Ideal for tackling intense downhill and enduro runs, this aluminium-built wheelset uses all its strength and structural integrity to keep you brilliantly balanced on the bumpiest of rides. Constructed from NS Bikes' aluminium-blend, each of the rims stands up to the test of varied terrains and rocky routes as you fight for the finish line. Aluminium-Made, Fast-Rolling MTB Wheels Kept strong by 32 double-butted spokes, laced in a 3-cross pattern, both rampant rollers keep a supple and sturdy form, no matter what the mountain puts in your way. Holding the spokes firmly in place are a pair of aluminium Rotary hubs, which ensure a smooth spin thanks to their sealed cartridge bearings. This friction-free motion keeps every roll as true and trusted as can be over unpredictable surfaces, maximising comfort and composure on every ride. This Enigma Rock & Roll MTB pairing are a formidable team for the fearless and ferocious MTBer.  

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