Goodyear Newton ST DH Ultimate Tubeless MTB Tyre - Däck

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An ideal Enduro tyre, this Goodyear model is set out with open concept multi-siped ramped centre knobs which provide a speedy and smooth rolling experience, while tall, arch-supported side knobs improve control as you corner and brake at speed. The tubeless design makes it extra-grippy, as the lower inflation pressure it affords helps with traction as well as puncture prevention, while downhill and Enduro casing makes it the perfect tyre for tackling timed descents. Created to withstand the rigours of Enduro racing from a Rugged Soft-Terrain compounded formulated that gives maximum grip, the Newton ST EN Premium Tubeless MTB Tyre is also e25 ready, for a durable and hard-wearing addition to your E-bike. This tubeless effort definitely won't let you down in getting you down the mountain.

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