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Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C C17 Clincher Wheelset - Shimano

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Sitting at the top of the Fulcrum range, the Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C Carbon wheelset embody the pinnacle of carbon wheel technology. In this iteration, they offer all the advantages of a grand tour-winning wheelset, with the added functionality of being compatible with clincher tyres. Using a mid-depth carbon fibre rim, this wheelset balances aerodynamics and weight superbly. While the 40mm rim depth maximises aero gains on flat and rolling terrain, the 1400-gram weight ensures this wheelset is very responsive and won’t hold you back uphill. With a wider 24.2mm rim design, this wheelset can also use wider tyres to optimise grip, comfort and speed out on the road. All-weather braking performance has also been vastly improved. Thanks to the application of AC3 technology on the braking track, now you can stop when it matters, even in the worst conditions. Combined with these premium carbon rims are a set of equally premium hubs. Using a carbon fibre shell, the front hub offers a significant reduction in weight, while the rear alloy hub has a high flange to ensure maximum power transfer. Both hubs are filled with adjustable USB ceramic bearings to ensure a silky smooth, race-winning spin that lasts. These hubs are laced to the rims via 18 double-butted stainless-steel spokes on the front, to ensure that weight is kept to a minimum, and 21 on the rear to maintain maximum wheel strength and stiffness. Carbon fibre rim construction Twill carbon fibre braking surface with AC3™ Treatment 40mm rim depth 17mm internal width, 24.2mm external rim width 700c Weight: 1400 grams Compatible with clincher tyres Compatible with rim brakes Compatible with QR. Carbon front hub. Alloy high flange rear hub, (100mm front) (130mm rear). Cup-and-cone bearing system. USB ceramic bearings 9/10/11 speed compatible. Stainless steel, double butted aero spokes. 18 front, 21 rear. Alloy nipples.

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