FSA XC-100 Rear MTB Wheel - Bakhjul

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Constructed with a 19mm internal width, the sturdy aluminium rim on this fast-rolling back wheel gives an agile performance while staying stiff and responsive on rough off-road trails. Maintaining excellent balance and control due to the sturdiness of the alloy and the 16.5mm height of the rim, this FSA model gives a reliable showing on every outing. Aluminium-Made, Durable and Dependable MTB Wheel This robust back wheel has a minimal-friction hub at its core, laced with 32 spokes and kitted out with a Quick Release axle for an efficient and smooth-spinning performance. The Shimano-compatible freehub helps to generate immense power transfer, while the aluminium braking surface ensures a confident stopping performance and precision control on each cross country run.

FSA är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Wiggle.

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