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Fox Racing Flexair Pro Fire Alpha MTB Jacket - Jackor

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One Layer to Cover it All Traditionally dressing for cold weather biking has involved multiple layers and stop and go riding to add or remove layers as needed - layers taken off on the uphill to avoid sweat build-up and then add layers back on to avoid wind chill when ripping downhill. A hassle. With the Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Jacket you can now rely on one layer to keep you warm and free from sweat. Polartec® Alpha® insulation is incredibly light but also incredibly warm, tenaciously holding on to body heat so you don't suffer in colder temperatures. It's also remarkably breathable, allowing any sweat you generate on tough uphill pedals to rapidly escape - more comfort on the climb up and no cold clammy sweat to chill you on the way back down.  Intake vents to the front and exhaust vents to the back also work to manage temperature when you're working hard.  Tough and Practical When you're mountain biking some knocks and bumps are inevitable and so Fox uses Cordura fabric across the Flexair Pro Fire Alpha to enhance durability and resist cuts and abrasions. A DWR coating shrugs off light rain, muddy splashes and intermittent rain showers. Easy to reach zippered pockets provide space for essentials and valuables, ideal for coffee and cake money for your post-ride refuelling.  You'll even find a zippered hatch to give you access to mid-layer pockets underneath.  Plunging winter temperatures and frozen MTB trails can now be enjoyed in complete cosy comfort thanks to the Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Jacket. 

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