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Fox Racing Airspace Stray MTB Goggles - Cykelglasögon

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The Airspace Goggles come with a huge lens that provides unparalleled peripheral vision via an enlarged outer frame and improved frame angle. The lens is formed from Lexan which perfectly balances an optimised visual experience and impact resistance. Additionally, the lens provides UV protection. The goggles come with a Dark Grey lens tint that is great for brighter lighting conditions. If you wish to change up the coverage of the goggles, the Airspace Goggles feature the Variable Lens System that allows you to quickly and easily install standard and injection moulded lens into the same frame. The frame is cushioned with a triple layer of face foam with a fleece liner which provides superior sweat absorption for long-lasting comfort. Meanwhile, the 45mm non-slip silicone strap which is compatible with most MTB helmet types with grip that helps stabilise the position of the goggles.

Fox Racing är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Wiggle.

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