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Five Ten Women's Freerider MTB Cycling Shoes - Cykelskor

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From cruising sweet singletrack mountain bike trails to whipping tabletops to leaning hard into berms, the Women's Freerider MTB Cycling Shoes won't let you down. And thanks to the more laid-back casual style they're great off the bike too.  So when it comes to pedal grip, there are few to match the exceptional planted feel you get from the Stealth® S1 Dotty rubber outsole. The combination of sticky rubber and the famous Dotty™ tread tenaciously grips flat pedals for outstanding bike control and security over rough trails. If you're pushing back uphill to session a trail section, the sole unit will also prove equally grippy.  With their medium-flex midsole, you'll also find pedalling sections can be ticked off with ease while on rowdy downhill trails you've got fabulous foot support as you move and manoeuvre your bike over ever-changing terrain. Elsewhere, the durable upper section, made from a combination of leather and canvas, gives a high level of durability and the more you wear them, the more comfortable they'll become - what a great excuse to ride as much as possible. And with their ever-reliable lace closure, you'll always get a secure feel. Pull-on. Lace-up. Go shred. 

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