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Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro - Aqua Blue

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The BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO is our High-End solution for safe and easy bike transport. Based on a MOLDED BOTTOM CASE with an extra wide MONOCOQUE WHEEL CHASSIS with smooth running skate wheels and front-to-end ALUMINIUM SLIDE RAILS it offers a maximum in protection and travelling comfort.Features: Fits most: Cross Country-, All Mountain-, Enduro-, Freeride-, Downhill- Bikes up to 29“, Gravel-, Road-, and Triathlon-Bikes External, separate wheel compartments with DISC PROTECTION Includes BIKE STAND, CLIP ON WHEEL 2.0 and FRAME PAD Specifications: 310L, 10kg (including BIKE STAND) Outside 147 x 36 x 85 cm Inside 136 x 27 x 80 cm Maximum wheel base: 130 cm Collapsible to 147 x 36 x 22 cm for easy storage

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