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Ergon SMD2 Saddle - Black

Ergon SMD2 Saddle - Black

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One size to fit all riders. In downhill racing the saddle is rarely used for sitting. It serves in the handling of the bike for seated pedaling, as well as in the air. The SMD2 was developed precisely to meet these needs, which results in one saddle to fit all riders. Features: Seating Surface: Sturdy and easy-care microfiber seat cover for long durability. Shape: Contoured shape follows the motion characteristic of downhill for a smooth, snag free descent. Surface: Low friction coating to diminish friction for rapid position changes. Wheel Gap: Extra flat, short rear without edges for the largest possible tire clearance under full suspension compression. 360° Edge Padding: Full edge padding for maximum protection and optimized leg guidance. Shell: Nylon Composite Rails: CroMo Cover: Microfibre Padding: 360 Degree Padding Weight: 220g

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