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Koroyd® Core Protection Steep root filled chutes, big booters, whip-tastic tabletops and blisteringly fast berms, riding downhill has got thrills a minute but it can all go wrong very quickly which is where the MT500 Full Face Helmet comes in. When that front wheel washes out, you come up short or those roots bring you down to the ground with a resounding thud, the impact energy is quickly dissipated through the Koroyd® core and the shock to your head is lessened. Certified for downhill use, the MT500 will give you the confidence to continue pushing your limits as you progress with your riding. Engineered Comfort It's not just about a high degree of protection though, Endura have also ensured you'll enjoy comfort too. This starts with large air vents and an 'air intake' zone across the top of the helmet combined with large diameter Koroyd tubes to keep a cool flow of air circulating and an easy escape route for any sweat build up. Fast wicking padding also draws sweat away from the skin for greater comfort and it's anti-bacterial too, so say goodbye to that itchy-head you'll get with lesser helmets. With its one-handed micro-adjustment system it's also easy to get the ideal and rock solid fit.  Coming in at under 700 grams but built burly enough for downhill racing, the MT500 Full Face Helmet will see you full of confidence for bike park days, enduro racing and the toughest of downhill trails. 

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