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Made for barreling across wild and wonderful trails, these rims are constructed from carbon and feature an Armored Ballistic Composite which makes them impervious to the bumps, bangs and impacts that usually get the better of less well-built models. This military grade construction is not only robust but it is impressively low on weight, protecting you from every bit of abuse without compromising on your speed or handling.  At 26mm wide, an excellent surface contact area provides a consistent and steady roll over the harshest of terrains. Tubeless ready, it welcomes lower inflation tyres on every rambunctious ride while its disc brake optimised design allows you to keep control with superior stopping power and prowess. With the Haven Carbon MTB Rim, no stone is left unturned as you batter fearlessly through every trail.

Easton är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Wiggle.

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