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DT Swiss XM 1501 Spline One 40mm MTB Rear Wheel - Bakhjul

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The XM 1501 Spline features a rock-solid aluminium rim construction, which makes it great at handling all the abuse that's associated with long days in the mountains. DT Swiss has also equipped this trail-ready model with its lightest MTB hub, legendary stainless-steel bearings and a 36-tooth ratchet for faster engagement. Additional Features: Single or Pair: Single Manufacturer Part Numbers: 12x142mm: WHDTXM154001R; 12x148mm: WHDTXM154002R Maximum Recommended System Weight: 110kg Technologies: PHR (Pro Head Reinforcement): The PHR rim interface system allows the spokes to align themselves perfectly and combined with straight pull hubs ensures a super stiff and light structure with a greater fatigue life than is possible with traditional spokes and nipples.

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