Chromag HiFi V2 Stem - Styrstammar

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All set for fast-paced mountain bike adventures, this MTB stem features a 3D-forged alloy construction. This makes it more than capable of handling all the abuse that's associated with all-day epics in the mountains. Intended for anything from cross-country to downhill racing, this stem is a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want a strong component without any unnecessary weight. Manufacturer Part Numbers: Black 40mm: 100-013-01 Red 40mm: 100-013-02 Blue 40mm: 100-013-03 Silver 40mm: 100-013-04 Black 50mm: 100-012-01-STEM Red 50mm: 100-012-04 Blue 50mm: 100-012-05 Silver 50mm: 100-012-08 Black 30mm: 100-017-01 Red 30mm: 100-017-02 Blue 30mm: 100-017-03 Silver 30mm: 100-017-04

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