Apex 5" Box Cut Sparkcykel Deck 53cm Raw

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1st of - It is a Box cut deck that utilizes an insert system
2nd it is a whopping 5 in width.
When you combine this with the trusted headtube-shape from Apex and their keen attention to detail, you know you are in for a treat.
Limited editions - The first 250 decks produced will get a number stamped from the factory displaying, proudly, that this was where the box-shaped revolution began for Apex.

Deck bredd:12.7cm (5)Deck längd:51cm (20.1), 53cm (20.9)Hjul diameter:100mm, 110mmLättvikts:JaHjulets nav bredd:24mmVikt:1380, 1423gMaterial:Aluminium 6082Materialets styrke:T6Deck design:One-pieceDropout Form:Box-cutHeadtube vinkel:82.5°Headtube längd:110mmHeadset-type:Integrated 1 1/8Deck spacers:IngårBroms typ:Fender (Brakeless) Bromstyp: %sBroms/Fender:IngårBroms monteringsbult:IngårHjulbult:IngårAxel diameter:8mmGriptape:Ingår inte

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