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3T Discus C35 Pro Clincher Wheelset

3T Discus C35 Pro Clincher Wheelset

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Wheels should be all-round We build the C35 for riders who answer “everything” when asked what they want. Fast in the wind, stable in crosswinds, light on the climbs and solid on the descents, the C35 does it all with ease. This great versatility also makes the C35 the wheel of choice for all-road/adventure/gravel riding. The C35 is available in a full range of PRO, TEAM and LTD levels, perfect for every budget Rim Details Aero rim profile: We made the C35 as shallow as possible while still providing good aerodynamics. The blunt tail works best with such a shallow rim and doubles as an effective nose of the profile 180 degrees rotation later on the rear half of the wheel. Offset spokes: The asymmetrical rim shape allows the spokes to be offset, compensating for the space required for the brake rotor (and in the case of the rear wheel, the cassette) while keeping more equal spoke angles. PRO rim is asymmetric on the inside, TEAM on inside & outside. Hidden nipples: Especially with a shallow rim profile, small details have a big effect. Our wide-angle nipples don’t just hide in the rim, they also have a proprietary head that makes them much easier to adjust even with the spoke offset from the rim’s center. Hub Details Straight pull design: Straight pull spokes are stronger and lighter. They are more expensive due to the extra effort in machining the hubs, but it’s well worth the investment to ensure that spoke breakage is all but eliminated. Multi-axle: Our hubs are compatible with 5mm quick releases, 12mm thru axles and even with a 15mm front thru axle. Just swap out the end caps depending on the frame design you use the wheels in. Multi-freehub: The rear hub comes standard with a 10/11s Shimano/SRAM freehub body. 3T retailers have Campagnolo & SRAM xD bodies available as spares and can switch them out in minutes. Specifications: Rim size: 25.6mm wide, 32mm deep Rim type: Clincher Rim material: Alloy 6000-series Spokes: Round section, straight pull, stainless steel, black finish, double butted, Pillar, 24F/24R Nipples: Light alloy, inverted, spherical washer Hub material: Light alloy oversized hub body, spindles & freewheel bodies Bearings: Adjustable steel bearings Disc Brake: Centerlock (or 6-bolt with adaptor) Front axle compatibility: Interchangeable end caps included for thru-axle 142x12, thru-axle 135x15, 135x5mm quick-release Rear axle compatibility: Interchangeable end caps included for thru-axle 142x12, thru-axle 135x15, 135x5mm quick-release Rear hub compatibility: 10/11s Shimano/SRAM Road freehub body (included with wheels), Campagnolo & SRAM xD freehub bodies available separately Quick release: Alloy lever and nut, steel rod Weight (+/-5%): 1751g

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