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Ultra Omega 3

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Ultra Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a super high strength Omega 3 softgel. Made with only premium grade fish oils and with 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA in each 1000mg softgel. it is ideal for anyone looking for a potent Fish Oil Supplements that helps contribute to the normal function of the heart whilst also helping with the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Omega 3 tablets are essential for any gym goer, or anyone who just cares about their general health and well-being. Formulated to be easier than ever to consume, Ultra Omega 3 is perfect for any diet or fitness goal. Click on the Product to see full information for your absolute peace of mind.

Ultra Omega 3 finns i kategorin Vitamins & Supplements. The Protein Works™ är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Protein Works.

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