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Vegan Wondershake - White Choc Raspberry Swirl - 60 Servings

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What is Vegan Wondershake? Vegan Wondershake is like no other vegan protein shake you’ve ever tried. It’s borne out of a simple, yet radical idea - to create a plant-based protein shake that tastes as good as any dairy protein shake. Smooth in texture and creamy in taste - we believe we’ve cracked the code! Vegan Wondershake is made with our ground-breaking QuadPlant™ technology that creates a non-grainy, unreal tasting protein shake. Now you can minimise your impact on the planet and animals, without compromising your taste-buds. As with any Michelin starred cuisine, the finest ingredients are absolutely key. That’s why we’ve been ruthless in only using the very best plant-based proteins on the planet and fusing them together using our innovative QuadPlant™ technology. Premium pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein and soy protein deliver a combined 21g of protein per serving. The result is a high protein, low sugar and low fat shake that is GMO Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free and Gluten Free. And most importantly, 100% Vegan! Game-Changing Vegan Protein Shake Whether your motivation to eat more plant protein is driven by health, ethical or environmental reasons; we know that even with the best will in the world, sticking to your chosen diet becomes incredibly difficult to sustain in the long term if you aren’t loving the food you’re eating. Vegan Wondershake allows you to follow a vegan diet with zero compromise on taste or texture. It delivers a multi-phased release of protein to fuel you any time of the day when you need a protein boost. There is a new wave of powerful vegan innovations sweeping across the world, bringing viable meat and dairy alternatives to satisfy the explosion in veganism. By their very nature, vegan protein shakes can taste earthy to say the least, grainy in texture and generally a long way off their dairy counterparts when it comes to taste. We’re not going over the top here when we say our team of nutritionists have created the world’s first vegan protein shake that tastes like a dairy protein shake. A dream team of 100% plant-based, premium grade proteins were painstakingly selected and blended in varying quantities time and time again; pea, brown rice, hemp and soy. A thankless task. That is, until you crack it! The end result is the perfect combination of vegan proteins and an innovative manufacturing process we call Quadplant™ technology, Good for You & The Planet We strive to achieve sustainability wherever possible with all of our products, and Vegan Wondershake is no exception. Standard vegan protein shakes are based on a set size which means you have some powder left over at the end. Vegan Wondershake is perfectly portioned to deliver 30 x 30g exact servings, ensuring zero waste. All you need to do is add water or milk (plant or nut based of course) for a deliciously filling and satisfying vegan protein shake! Vegan Wondershake also boasts a long shelf life so it’s perfect to keep in your food cupboard at home, in your bag, on your work desk - or in fact anywhere you might find yourself in need of a delicious boost of protein, It’s a great snack to consume when hunger strikes, or when you’re on the go with no time to stop and make something healthy. As a growing amount of research links animal agriculture to a multitude of environmental issues, more and more people are looking to re-invent their diets and make genuine changes to their lives. Swapping animal protein for plant protein has been hailed as the “single biggest thing” an individual can do to lessen their impact on the planet. Plant-Based Nutrition Our mission at TPW is to create healthy food that tastes delicious. We simply don’t believe you have to compromise. We love to disrupt when others say it can’t be done and continue to serve up mediocrity. We get a buzz from proving them wrong. Our team of maverick nutritionists formulated Vegan Wondershake to create the smoothest, most delicious vegan protein shake on the market to date. Vegan Wondershake provides 21g of premium plant-based protein and only 0.6g of sugar per serving. In addition, it has just 0.7g of fat and as little as 89 calories per serving. It’s high in protein, low in sugar and low in fat. It ticks all the boxes that matter when it comes to choosing a high quality protein shake. As with all TPW products, it is GMO free, and as you would expect with any vegan shake, it’s dairy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.

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