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Savoury SuperMeals - Mac 'n' Cheeze - 2.7kg

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We’ve made the perfect meal, so you don’t have to. SuperMeals are everything you wish you could have in a hot and tasty meal. Each and every meal contains the perfect amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre. Each and every meal contains all 26 essential vitamins that your body needs. Each and every meal is packed with nutrient dense, whole food ingredients. Each and every meal tastes so good you’ll be craving more. They are brimming with nutrients, can be ready in 5 minutes, taste outrageously good, require no prep at all, and will keep you full with the right fuel for longer. It's time for you to level up with SuperMeals.

Savoury SuperMeals - Mac 'n' Cheeze - 2.7kg finns i kategorin Nutrition. The Protein Works™ är ett av våra märken som säljs direkt av Protein Works.

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