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Loaded Nuts

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Simply the best nut butter on the market - period! Whether you’re spreading, stacking, or straight up snacking, Loaded Nuts™ caramel cookie ocean, is THE only protein peanut butter you’ll ever need. This protein spread takes not just normal caramel, but the richest, gooeyest and most indulgent caramel there is, combining that with crunchy cookie dough, dark chocolate pieces, Himalayan Pink Salt, Geurande salt, and that all important natural nut butter protein spread, makes the best crunchy peanut butter to date. Rich in protein, palm oil free and high in healthy fats, Caramel Cookie Ocean, takes next level flavour and even raises the bar on that. Fancy some chocolatey goodness instead? Try our other luxurious flavour, Brownie Deep Choc Dive.

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